Our Family

This was not just your typical day after school! This was the day that the bunk beds made it to Reese’s bedroom. It was precious! One of the greatest gifts that AdvoCare has brought to us is living this life by design. We now have the freedom to walk our girls to and from the bus stop every single day, have breakfast as a family every day, workout together every day…this is truly more than we ever could have imagined. For a guy that spent the better part of the last 11 years on the road prior to AdvoCare and [...]

Auburn is home of some of my favorite memories when I was in the corporate world. That’s probably a weird thing to hear me say, but please bare with me. I absolutely love their campus. No, I did not attend Auburn and I cannot say that I am their biggest fan (O-H!), but I do root for them. It’s special to Ty because her grandpa graduated from there and earned two degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering so there is always an element of War Eagle in the house. If it’s special to Ty then it’s special to me and [...]

In spring of 2009, our family faced a feeling that many have had during the recession. Jason’s entire division at the Fortune 18 company he worked for was dissolved and we lost a significant portion of our household income. As a software sales executive over the last 11 years, Jason spent much of his time on the road with overnight stays about 90% of the time. The travel schedule had always been a burden on our family and his time with our 3 little girls. Unemployed for a few months, he was back into a routine again of traveling the [...]

Ty and the girls enjoying a nice stroll after the Christmas Parade this weekend! Another beautiful family moment thanks to our fun work from home business! Being able to share in moments like these make us both so happy that we made the decision to open our minds and explore something new in 2012. What will you explore in 2013? Life can turn on a dime and if nothing changes, then nothing changes…  

This is truly an amazing picture! As we arrived in Plano, Texas on Monday of Success School week (think National Meeting for the corp folks) we called the corporate office to say we’d love to drop by if they were not too busy. To our surprise, our CEO, Richard Wright said ‘Absolutely!’ We stopped in and spent time with Richard and his wife, Sherry as well as Ron Reynolds and several other members of the amazing AdvoCare corporate staff. They were so gracious to have us over and even gave stuffed animals to the girls! In this pic our CEO, [...]

One of the joys that we get to experience as part-time work from home parents is every single precious moment with our girls. This week we were able to watch as Maryn got off the bus after her first day of kindergarten! It was such a precious moment and a far cry from where we were as a family just over a year ago. Back then, I would have been on the road in another state and waiting for my chance to Skype in during the evening and see the girls eating dinner or maybe taking their bath. The quality [...]

It was only a matter of time, but the inevitable day came in May. It was actually a few weeks earlier than we were planning on, but during that morning all 3 of our girls broke down and were bawling because Ty had to go into work. Normally, she worked from home so it was especially hard that day and the Decision came. It’s time to come home! Corporate America became a thing of the past that morning. A life of Freedom to live as we choose, raising our girls, having amazing flexibility and a life on our terms! These [...]

Jason Miller discusses living a life on their terms as he is now a work from home dad. He left his corporate IT sales career after 10 years to continue to build their multiple six figure brand. Now, living a life of freedom and able to spend time with his girls at the park on a Monday afternoon.

Ty Miller talks about the freedom that their family now has to live a life on their terms since growing a multiple six figure brand. Playing in the park with her 3 little girls on a Monday afternoon is simply one perk that comes with having your own work from home business.