One of the most beautiful places that I have ever been is Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It’s absolutely a surreal and majestic place. I was so in awe of it and that feeling reminded me of when I was visiting Machu Piccu in 2001 or Bora Bora in 2013. They all gave me the same feeling like this is among the most extraordinary sites that I will ever see. I was there for two weeks for the World Cup 2014, which was a spectacle in itself and a lifelong dream of mine. While having the opportunity to visit Christ the [...]

  WHAT IS RICH FRONING DOING? Answers From Mr. Robert Graf/Director of AdvoCare Endorsers and Sponsorships: I’ve enjoyed seeing the texts, phone calls, and messages from all of you! Here is the answer to your question: How long has Rich Froning, Jr. used AdvoCare products? Below is the answer that Rich sent me: AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink Mix – Daily for 4 years Arginine Extreme – Daily for 4 years AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel Pre-Workout Drink – 4 years for competition events O2 Gold™ Advanced -4 years for endurance events Rehydrate – 4 years as needed

This was not just your typical day after school! This was the day that the bunk beds made it to Reese’s bedroom. It was precious! One of the greatest gifts that AdvoCare has brought to us is living this life by design. We now have the freedom to walk our girls to and from the bus stop every single day, have breakfast as a family every day, workout together every day…this is truly more than we ever could have imagined. For a guy that spent the better part of the last 11 years on the road prior to AdvoCare and [...]

Touring Athens, Greece on Segways was one of the highlights of our latest AdvoCare adventure. We loved spending time with our friends exploring  aspects of the ancient city in style! What an incredible memory!

Jason and Ty discuss overcoming the fear of swimming with sharks and stingrays and how fear holds back so many! Stingrays are coming in for their daily feeding because they know where the food is. The same thing applies in our AdvoCare journey as those individuals that are hungry will make the effort to go where the food (knowledge & energy) is.

When it comes to the topic of ‘Showing Up’, it is a mindset. Just as these stingrays are showing up to eat, in our business we need to show up each and every day in order for things to happen! This is how we nearly missed this amazing trip to Bora Bora, but because we were willing to ‘Show Up’ upon losing a passport we salvaged what has been our most amazing destination to date.  

It is not often that one has the opportunity to ride the donkeys up to beautiful Santorini. This is the 2nd time that Ty and I were able to do it and both times we road with Mr. Ron Reynolds and Dr. Mark Miller. These are truly memories of a lifetime with dear friends of ours…THANK YOU ADVOCARE!

Spending time at a Castle in Hvar, Croatia with many friends was a moment that we will never forget!

An amazing day with great friends at the glass factory in Murano! We thoroughly enjoyed watching these amazing men who were so skilled in their craft. Here is a quick 30 second demonstration of the kind of skill that they shared in creating a horse from a small glob of molten glass! The Finished Product!

Enjoying a day on the gondolas of Venice with several of our dear friends….and gelato. Lots and lots of gelato!

The beautiful city of Santorini is one of the most incredible cities in the world! A message of better health and a bit more hope as we have choices in the U.S.A. that others do not!  

An amazing day at the Fortress of Palamidi in Nafplion, Greece!

A wonderful night of great food and friends in Athens, Greece….complete with plate-breaking at the end of the meal!  

I spent time reflecting on Greece and the troubles that they are having with their existing debt crisis and unemployment from my hotel balcony. You can see the Parthenon in the background as we explored it the following day. Hard to believe the the state of their nation right now and I feel very fortunate to live in a country where we do have choices and opportunities to take control of our lives!

Auburn is home of some of my favorite memories when I was in the corporate world. That’s probably a weird thing to hear me say, but please bare with me. I absolutely love their campus. No, I did not attend Auburn and I cannot say that I am their biggest fan (O-H!), but I do root for them. It’s special to Ty because her grandpa graduated from there and earned two degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering so there is always an element of War Eagle in the house. If it’s special to Ty then it’s special to me and [...]

  My wife saved my life in the Fall of 2008… I wonder how many men can say that? I certainly hope that very few have had to say it and that few women had to do that for their husbands. Since I began tip-toeing into speaking of this story, I would probably guess the opposite is true because I am learning more and more how much people are hurting. It’s for this reason that I have decided to be this transparent about a moment in time of which I am most ashamed. It happened during a dark period of [...]

We took the girls to the pumpkin farm today and had such a wonderful time getting some holiday decorations, playing with the animals and enjoying time as a family. Both of us grew up in the Midwest in small towns. We also spent a lot of time on the weekends on farms as both of us had grandparents that were farmers. I cannot tell you how much it meant to have that type of heritage growing-up and the Midwest work-ethic that comes with it. Both of us have so many fond memories of time on the farms and it had [...]

Listen to these absolutely extraordinary testimonials of results achieved starting with the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge!

When you see AdvoCare on ESPN and ABC during the NCAA Football games all season as well as during the AdvoCare 500 this weekend….PLEASE THINK OF US!:) The most explosive company in the United States despite being 20 years old! Catering to the 2 biggest needs in this country: the obesity epidemic and the debt crisis. Anyone can do what we have done and this weekend will only make it easier! Jason and Ty

I am always amazed by the number of people who turn their back on Network Marketing who clearly have no idea what it is or how it relates to the global economy… The fact that at this point in our country that 3 out of every 4 U.S. families are living paycheck to paycheck makes me think that everyone would really be open-minded. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Most Americans are not getting raises and if they are they are far less than 2% (put that up against 4%+ inflation) so the RIGHT Plan B income opportunity makes good [...]

Ty Miller discusses how Advocare allowed her to be a stay at home mom to her 3 girls and live a life by design…All thanks to Advocare!

In spring of 2009, our family faced a feeling that many have had during the recession. Jason’s entire division at the Fortune 18 company he worked for was dissolved and we lost a significant portion of our household income. As a software sales executive over the last 11 years, Jason spent much of his time on the road with overnight stays about 90% of the time. The travel schedule had always been a burden on our family and his time with our 3 little girls. Unemployed for a few months, he was back into a routine again of traveling the [...]

Enjoying time in Venice after our AdvoCare incentive trip to Paris!

Spending time with the Varvels floating to the Grand Canal in Venice!

Jason and Ty Miller near the fountain at the Biltmore Jewel discussing the Advocare opportunity and the financial freedom that it can bring to your lives! Only 15 months into the business and they had completely replaced their combined corporate incomes that were 16 years in the making. They now live life on their terms and are helping others find better health and hope in their lives. What will you change in 2013?

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Drew Brees has been with AdvoCare since 2002 and is shown here discussing what AdvoCare’s products and elite nutrition mean to him and how anyone can benefit.

Drew Brees has been with AdvoCare since 2002 and is shown here discussing what AdvoCare’s products and elite nutrition mean to him and how anyone can benefit. He also gives mention to the incredible income opportunity available to all Americans that would have more for themselves in 2013!

A friend of mine was laid off today and I am all too familiar with how scary that situation is… As it turns out, getting laid off in the Spring of 2009 was the BEST thing that has ever happened to us, but this situation still angers me. The whole corporate cycle of laying employees off during the holiday season, people becoming a # and not a valued employee, …I’ve watched it too often the last few years and I’ve been there. It’s a scary and uncomfortable place to be. When the Fortune 18 company that I worked for dissolved [...]

How we did it

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Get your FREE Spark Today! It’s Ty’s Super Mommy Juice and helps her keep up with our 3 very busy girls!:)  

This is truly an amazing picture! As we arrived in Plano, Texas on Monday of Success School week (think National Meeting for the corp folks) we called the corporate office to say we’d love to drop by if they were not too busy. To our surprise, our CEO, Richard Wright said ‘Absolutely!’ We stopped in and spent time with Richard and his wife, Sherry as well as Ron Reynolds and several other members of the amazing AdvoCare corporate staff. They were so gracious to have us over and even gave stuffed animals to the girls! In this pic our CEO, [...]

I often question whether we are pursuing our dreams to the extent that we could be and whether or not we are going after them with enough tenacity. It is interesting when I think about it because we talk about changing lives all the time. Our lives, the lives of our children, the lives of our friends, families, and many others. We tend to think about it in terms of the thousands upon thousands of those who will be impacted by the work that we do today, even those throughout several generations. What if for a moment, you decided to [...]

One of my favorite memories of childhood was spending time on my grandparent’s farm in Sidney, Ohio. My brothers and I always looked forward to harvest time because that meant that we got to jump into the combine with grandpa as he plowed through the field. It was a fantastic all-day event and in retrospect, I am sure that grandpa spent a lot longer than just his time with us plowing it. After the day in the combine, he would take us to drop off the corn in the bins and we would spend time jumping in it. Literally, we [...]

Our very own Ron Reynolds, VP of Distributor Relations (and the Sage) of AdvoCare,releases his words of wisom daily with his ‘Mental Vitamins’. I was delighted to see a mention of my wife, Ty our teammates Laney Baldwin and Shannon Varvel in one of his recent articles. All 3 women have moved on from their employers to lives of freedom, as entrepreneurs, after choosing to make the firm decision to choose more for their families. Mr. Reynolds certainly captures it all in ways that only he can: Why would someone go to a place five days a week – and [...]

One of the real pleasures of our last trip was getting to spend a few extra days at the beginning with AdvoCare’s youngest Diamond couple, Greg & Stephanie Smith, 27, from Columbus, OH. Greg took the burden of communication off of our shoulders as he literally knew and was able to speak Italian very well. They initially qualified for diamond, a level that averages 650K annually, at the age of 26–a record youngest for AdvoCare! We had met them in the past, but really had not had the opportunity to spend much time with them…what a fun couple! Here we [...]

We first met and spent time with this lovely couple in Paris and have been close ever since! Al is a professional home builder while Lara recently retired from her job as a school teacher. We had lunch with them after exploring Sacre Coeur and sat in awe as we watched Al single-handily eat what had to be a ten pound salmon salad. Ha! They are dear friends to us and wanted to share this with all of you as there is such a great lesson in it. Below is an article written by the sage of AdvoCare, Ron Reynolds [...]

During our recent incentive trip to the Mediterranean, we found ourselves exploring the streets of Italy with some of our good friends Chris & Brooks Reid and Dave & Suzanne Carpenter. We were trying to figure out where we were going to eat and personally, I had pizza & gelato on my mind for some reason. It had worked well up to this point so I figured why not? As we were walking, our CEO Richard Wright popped his head over the balcony of a nearby restaurant and asked us all to come up and join them. Obviously, we took [...]

FRISCO, Texas (June 27, 2012) – AdvoCare becomes the first jersey sponsor in FC Dallas history as the Texas-based health and wellness company has inked a multi-million dollar, multi-year partnership with the Major League Soccer club. “When we decided to put a company’s name on our team’s jersey, we were determined to find the right company that was a fit with what we believe in at FC Dallas,” said Hunt Sports Group Chairman Clark Hunt. “When I met AdvoCare CEO Richard Wright and his wife Sherry, I knew we had found the ideal partner. We share the same core values [...]

We are so proud of our dear friend, Laney Baldwin! She recently announced her retirement from her executive level position at a major pharmaceutical company after replacing her six figure income with her very part-time AdvoCare business. The stresses that come with living a life on the road, trading hours for dollars and being away from her family weighed heavily on her. It is certainly something that I can relate to and I cannot tell you how much it means to see this dream come to fruition for her family. It was truly touching to hear her 10 year old [...]

Earlier this year, our CEO, Richard Wright and many AdvoCare veterans took a trip to Washington D.C. This was not a corporate sponsored trip and it speaks volumes that our leaders invested their time and resources to fly to D.C. to spend time with members of the Congress and Senate. They discussed our free enterprise system and the importance of protecting it and the overall impact AdvoCare has had as its positivity continues to ripple throughout our economy. What an amazing group that represented not only us, but all of those who believe in our free enterprise system! AdvoCare is [...]

ConsumerLab recommends Advocare’s OmegaPlex and one other on Dr. Oz show! After investigating popular nutritional supplements on the market and finding shocking results ConsumerLab recommended AdvoCare’s Omegas so that you avoid dangerous nutritional solutions and ensure that you and your family are only putting the highest quality products in your bodies, as well as, actually getting the benefits that you are paying for! Their research showed what we are already well aware of, that not all “fish oils” are created equal! The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are the brain-boosting, heart-healthy good fats that have a multitude of [...]

Time is an amazing thing… It’s fleeting and the one thing that we cannot get more of which is all the more reason why I would like your attention today. What do you plan to do during retirement? What is the determining factor that is keeping you from retiring today? Money? Security? What would you do with that time if if was an option? It was only a few years ago that I thought I had it all figured out. I had been on quite the upward trajectory in my career. I had landed a job with a Fortune 16 [...]

Ty Miller discusses the trip up to Santorini, Greece via a donkey ride. One of the highlights of the trip most certainly! The view overlooking the water was certainly spectacular and you can see the WindStar off in the distance.

During our recent trip to the Mediterranean, one of the most amazing parts of our journey was time spent in the Dyros Caves. At the bottom of one of the lakes of Vlyhada, these are often considered the most beautiful caves in the world. They truly were amazing and a far cry from the training class that my wife would have been attending had she not left corporate America the week before! Life is good!

It was only a matter of time, but the inevitable day came in May. It was actually a few weeks earlier than we were planning on, but during that morning all 3 of our girls broke down and were bawling because Ty had to go into work. Normally, she worked from home so it was especially hard that day and the Decision came. It’s time to come home! Corporate America became a thing of the past that morning. A life of Freedom to live as we choose, raising our girls, having amazing flexibility and a life on our terms! These [...]

School teacher Dawn Funk left her classroom today for the very last time after only 9 months of working her home-based business! Dawn initially started working the business in her minimal spare time. Her hope was to add a little additional income so that they could pay off debt and ease the financial burdens. Her ‘Plan B’ income not only quickly matched her teacher’s salary, but soon tripled it! She will be spending her summer with her family while bringing hope to other that will choose to have more hope in their lives. Congratulations ‘Mrs. Funk’! Remember, YOU DID THIS [...]

A true mentor of ours and Sage of AdvoCare, Ron Reynolds wrote such a beautiful passage regarding his experience riding the donkey up to Santorini that we felt compelled to share his words: At the port city of Santorini in Greece, a memory of a lifetime took place – among many others, I might add – and I want to use that memory to make a point. When the sailing ship Wind Star dropped anchor in the harbor, and we went ashore on the “tender”, a much smaller ship that shuttled those on the Mediterranean Cruise to the shore, one [...]

WE ARE SO EXCITED about 2014! RE-Launch of our site at www.JasonandTyMiller.com! We are finally ready to bring you tons of info, video of several of our Work-From-Home-Moms & Dads and insight on how you can change your life and truly create the exact picture you want for you and your family. Check out the all-new ‘AdvoCare by Profession’ tab where you can see doctors, lawyers, former CEO’s and businesspeople, law enforcement officers, firemen, trainers and many more… These products are for ANYONE and the business could be as well. I firmly believe that it SHOULD be, but then again [...]

Ty in Rome at Fontana di Trevi less than a week after leaving corporate America forever to be a stay at home mom!

Jason and Ty Miller spending the week after Ty’s resignation in Rome and the Mediterranean.

Hard to believe that only last week Ty had her last official day in corporate America! She has come home to be a stay at home mom with our 3 girls and enjoy the luxuries of a work from home business.

Decide! – Many who don’t make it in this business have never truly decided. You need to draw a line in the sand that this is going to be the last time you try to do something. Let this be the last business that you ever try and do it. Decide and have an undying resolve to see it through! Define your Purpose! – You must have a definite purpose in order to achieve any real level of success in this business. This business will challenge you and when you have a purpose that is close to your heart it [...]

I once gained 12 pounds on a 7 day cruise! In May, Ty and I will be embarking on another AdvoCare trip, this time we will be flying to Rome and taking a Mediterranean cruise through the Greek Isles on a Windstar. It has me thinking back to the very first cruise that we took together, even before we were engaged and definitely way before AdvoCare. It was supposed to be a big romantic getaway, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. Back in 2002, we went on a Caribbean cruise and I had visions of just sweeping her [...]

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Look, Feel and Perform Better in No Time At All – You Can Stick to Anything for Just 24 Days When I think about the Challenge and the positive impact it’s had on us I still cannot believe it! I lost 19 lbs on the Challenge while Ty lost 14 of her baby weight during the first 24 days. We went on to lose a total of 66 pounds in just under 4 months. To date, we have lost 82 and kept it off for OVER A YEAR with the AdvoCare lifestyle! We are back into [...]

Jason Miller discusses living a life on their terms as he is now a work from home dad. He left his corporate IT sales career after 10 years to continue to build their multiple six figure brand. Now, living a life of freedom and able to spend time with his girls at the park on a Monday afternoon.

Jason Miller discusses a few of the preparation details that they go through before the crowd arrives at their weekly mixer.

Ty Miller talks about the freedom that their family now has to live a life on their terms since growing a multiple six figure brand. Playing in the park with her 3 little girls on a Monday afternoon is simply one perk that comes with having your own work from home business.