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One of the most beautiful places that I have ever been is Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It’s absolutely a surreal and majestic place. I was so in awe of it and that feeling reminded me of when I was visiting Machu Piccu in 2001 or Bora Bora in 2013. They all gave me the same feeling like this is among the most extraordinary sites that I will ever see. I was there for two weeks for the World Cup 2014, which was a spectacle in itself and a lifelong dream of mine. While having the opportunity to visit Christ the [...]

This was not just your typical day after school! This was the day that the bunk beds made it to Reese’s bedroom. It was precious! One of the greatest gifts that AdvoCare has brought to us is living this life by design. We now have the freedom to walk our girls to and from the bus stop every single day, have breakfast as a family every day, workout together every day…this is truly more than we ever could have imagined. For a guy that spent the better part of the last 11 years on the road prior to AdvoCare and [...]

Touring Athens, Greece on Segways was one of the highlights of our latest AdvoCare adventure. We loved spending time with our friends exploring  aspects of the ancient city in style! What an incredible memory!

Jason and Ty discuss overcoming the fear of swimming with sharks and stingrays and how fear holds back so many! Stingrays are coming in for their daily feeding because they know where the food is. The same thing applies in our AdvoCare journey as those individuals that are hungry will make the effort to go where the food (knowledge & energy) is.

When it comes to the topic of ‘Showing Up’, it is a mindset. Just as these stingrays are showing up to eat, in our business we need to show up each and every day in order for things to happen! This is how we nearly missed this amazing trip to Bora Bora, but because we were willing to ‘Show Up’ upon losing a passport we salvaged what has been our most amazing destination to date.  

It is not often that one has the opportunity to ride the donkeys up to beautiful Santorini. This is the 2nd time that Ty and I were able to do it and both times we road with Mr. Ron Reynolds and Dr. Mark Miller. These are truly memories of a lifetime with dear friends of ours…THANK YOU ADVOCARE!

Spending time at a Castle in Hvar, Croatia with many friends was a moment that we will never forget!

An amazing day with great friends at the glass factory in Murano! We thoroughly enjoyed watching these amazing men who were so skilled in their craft. Here is a quick 30 second demonstration of the kind of skill that they shared in creating a horse from a small glob of molten glass! The Finished Product!

Enjoying a day on the gondolas of Venice with several of our dear friends….and gelato. Lots and lots of gelato!

The beautiful city of Santorini is one of the most incredible cities in the world! A message of better health and a bit more hope as we have choices in the U.S.A. that others do not!  

An amazing day at the Fortress of Palamidi in Nafplion, Greece!

A wonderful night of great food and friends in Athens, Greece….complete with plate-breaking at the end of the meal!  

I spent time reflecting on Greece and the troubles that they are having with their existing debt crisis and unemployment from my hotel balcony. You can see the Parthenon in the background as we explored it the following day. Hard to believe the the state of their nation right now and I feel very fortunate to live in a country where we do have choices and opportunities to take control of our lives!

  It was our highest honor being chosen as AdvoCare Rising Stars for the 20th Anniversary celebration of our company. It was also surreal taking to the stage within an hour of President George W. Bush, where we watched him being interviewed by our CEO, Richard Wright. There was a time when speaking in front of 25,000+ people might have been frightening, but I assure you that on this day there was too much at stake. With a nation facing an obesity epidemic unlike any other country in the world and 3 out of 4 American families living paycheck to [...]

Ty Miller discusses how Advocare allowed her to be a stay at home mom to her 3 girls and live a life by design…All thanks to Advocare!

In spring of 2009, our family faced a feeling that many have had during the recession. Jason’s entire division at the Fortune 18 company he worked for was dissolved and we lost a significant portion of our household income. As a software sales executive over the last 11 years, Jason spent much of his time on the road with overnight stays about 90% of the time. The travel schedule had always been a burden on our family and his time with our 3 little girls. Unemployed for a few months, he was back into a routine again of traveling the [...]

Enjoying time in Venice after our AdvoCare incentive trip to Paris!

Spending time with the Varvels floating to the Grand Canal in Venice!

Our 1st Annual Smoky Mountain Leadership trip was an absolute blast! It meant so much to the leaders to be able to bring our teams together cross-line and put on this amazing weekend for the 130+ champions. Relationships and lifelong friendships were forged and connections were made during that week in October in the Smoky Mountains. We are proud to be a small part of it all along with our amazing AdvoCare friends Dave and Suzanne Carpenter, Larry and Kelly Prater, Brooks and Chris Reid and Lara and Al Shumaker. We were especially honored to have Rick and Jan Loy [...]

We recently had the honor of attending our first annual Diamond Retreat in Seaside, Florida with all of our Diamond counterparts (and above) from around the country! It was so inspiring and such a pleasure to be there with all of these champions, officers from the company, along with CEO, Richard and Sherry Wright! A lot of tremendous information was shared as it pertains to the future of this company and I assure you that there are many exciting things ahead. 2013 will undoubtedly be AdvoCare’s best year as we mark our 20th Anniversary as a company in February and [...]

Riding ATVs in the desert with my champion AdvoCare friends was among my favorite activities from the Arizona Biltmore trip! Here is a moment of absolute mayhem where you find 5 financially free work-from-home dads (Todd Varvel, Brent Rakers, Al Shumaker, Randy Hartz and myself) who have been given a big toy and placed in the middle of the desert! A hilarious moment after the fact!

Something that I never would have envisioned a few years ago is the amount of time freedom that we all have in this business! It is Wednesday and here we are in the middle of the desert outside of Phoenix, AZ having the time of our lives riding ATVs. What would you do if you had the freedom to live a life as you choose? Freedom brought us home from corporate America to live a better quality of life with our kids. It has enabled us and so many others to dream again at a time when many are trying [...]

One of the many highlights of our trip to the Arizona Biltmore Jewel was the opportunity to enjoy a hot air balloon ride during sunrise in the desert! We ascended to over 6,000 feet and enjoyed the beautiful scenery with so many of our wonderful AdvoCare friends! Absolutely incredible experience and one that we will never forget!

What a fun time attending the AdvoCare 500 race weekend with our girls! They LOVED watching the cars and there is nothing like attending a race AdvoCare style as they really took such great care of all of us! Needless to say, our girls are HUGE Austin Dillon fans! Also spent a great amount of time with so many champions from all over the country who came in to watch this epic event! Excited for the recent announcement of a 2nd AdvoCare 500 that will be happening in Phoenix in November! HOUSEHOLD NAME HERE WE COME!

Spending time along the absolutely beautiful Amalfi Coast was among the many highlights of our most recent AdvoCare trip through the Mediterranean! With amazing views of the the sea, the Isle of Capri, the mountains the city, it all was truly breathtaking!

Spending time on the floor of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy with several of our Ohio champion friends! What an unbelievable spectacle that it is, so rich in history and architecture! The Colosseum is an elliptical amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy, the largest ever built in the Roman Empire, built of concrete and stone. It is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and Roman engineering. Capable of seating 50,000 spectators, the Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles, [...]

There is nothing better than spending quality time with friends! We could not be more fired up for the incentive trip coming with our dear friends that we have made over the last few years in AdvoCare! It’s been an amazing journey so far and when we broached the subject of a collaborative cross-line incentive everyone just seemed to love the idea. It culminated at Destination Diamond, but began on various incentive trips and now ultimately is becoming a wonderful reality. We will be enjoying time in the Smoky Mountains this fall with 130-150+ Advocare distributors pouring into each other [...]

Our very own Ron Reynolds, VP of Distributor Relations (and the Sage) of AdvoCare,releases his words of wisom daily with his ‘Mental Vitamins’. I was delighted to see a mention of my wife, Ty our teammates Laney Baldwin and Shannon Varvel in one of his recent articles. All 3 women have moved on from their employers to lives of freedom, as entrepreneurs, after choosing to make the firm decision to choose more for their families. Mr. Reynolds certainly captures it all in ways that only he can: Why would someone go to a place five days a week – and [...]

One of the real pleasures of our last trip was getting to spend a few extra days at the beginning with AdvoCare’s youngest Diamond couple, Greg & Stephanie Smith, 27, from Columbus, OH. Greg took the burden of communication off of our shoulders as he literally knew and was able to speak Italian very well. They initially qualified for diamond, a level that averages 650K annually, at the age of 26–a record youngest for AdvoCare! We had met them in the past, but really had not had the opportunity to spend much time with them…what a fun couple! Here we [...]

During our recent incentive trip to the Mediterranean, we found ourselves exploring the streets of Italy with some of our good friends Chris & Brooks Reid and Dave & Suzanne Carpenter. We were trying to figure out where we were going to eat and personally, I had pizza & gelato on my mind for some reason. It had worked well up to this point so I figured why not? As we were walking, our CEO Richard Wright popped his head over the balcony of a nearby restaurant and asked us all to come up and join them. Obviously, we took [...]

We are so proud of our dear friend, Laney Baldwin! She recently announced her retirement from her executive level position at a major pharmaceutical company after replacing her six figure income with her very part-time AdvoCare business. The stresses that come with living a life on the road, trading hours for dollars and being away from her family weighed heavily on her. It is certainly something that I can relate to and I cannot tell you how much it means to see this dream come to fruition for her family. It was truly touching to hear her 10 year old [...]

Ty Miller discusses the trip up to Santorini, Greece via a donkey ride. One of the highlights of the trip most certainly! The view overlooking the water was certainly spectacular and you can see the WindStar off in the distance.

During our recent trip to the Mediterranean, one of the most amazing parts of our journey was time spent in the Dyros Caves. At the bottom of one of the lakes of Vlyhada, these are often considered the most beautiful caves in the world. They truly were amazing and a far cry from the training class that my wife would have been attending had she not left corporate America the week before! Life is good!

It was only a matter of time, but the inevitable day came in May. It was actually a few weeks earlier than we were planning on, but during that morning all 3 of our girls broke down and were bawling because Ty had to go into work. Normally, she worked from home so it was especially hard that day and the Decision came. It’s time to come home! Corporate America became a thing of the past that morning. A life of Freedom to live as we choose, raising our girls, having amazing flexibility and a life on our terms! These [...]

School teacher Dawn Funk left her classroom today for the very last time after only 9 months of working her home-based business! Dawn initially started working the business in her minimal spare time. Her hope was to add a little additional income so that they could pay off debt and ease the financial burdens. Her ‘Plan B’ income not only quickly matched her teacher’s salary, but soon tripled it! She will be spending her summer with her family while bringing hope to other that will choose to have more hope in their lives. Congratulations ‘Mrs. Funk’! Remember, YOU DID THIS [...]

A true mentor of ours and Sage of AdvoCare, Ron Reynolds wrote such a beautiful passage regarding his experience riding the donkey up to Santorini that we felt compelled to share his words: At the port city of Santorini in Greece, a memory of a lifetime took place – among many others, I might add – and I want to use that memory to make a point. When the sailing ship Wind Star dropped anchor in the harbor, and we went ashore on the “tender”, a much smaller ship that shuttled those on the Mediterranean Cruise to the shore, one [...]

WE ARE SO EXCITED about 2014! RE-Launch of our site at www.JasonandTyMiller.com! We are finally ready to bring you tons of info, video of several of our Work-From-Home-Moms & Dads and insight on how you can change your life and truly create the exact picture you want for you and your family. Check out the all-new ‘AdvoCare by Profession’ tab where you can see doctors, lawyers, former CEO’s and businesspeople, law enforcement officers, firemen, trainers and many more… These products are for ANYONE and the business could be as well. I firmly believe that it SHOULD be, but then again [...]

Ty in Rome at Fontana di Trevi less than a week after leaving corporate America forever to be a stay at home mom!

Jason and Ty Miller spending the week after Ty’s resignation in Rome and the Mediterranean.

Hard to believe that only last week Ty had her last official day in corporate America! She has come home to be a stay at home mom with our 3 girls and enjoy the luxuries of a work from home business.

Jason Miller discusses a few of the preparation details that they go through before the crowd arrives at their weekly mixer.