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  WHAT IS RICH FRONING DOING? Answers From Mr. Robert Graf/Director of AdvoCare Endorsers and Sponsorships: I’ve enjoyed seeing the texts, phone calls, and messages from all of you! Here is the answer to your question: How long has Rich Froning, Jr. used AdvoCare products? Below is the answer that Rich sent me: AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink Mix – Daily for 4 years Arginine Extreme – Daily for 4 years AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel Pre-Workout Drink – 4 years for competition events O2 Gold™ Advanced -4 years for endurance events Rehydrate – 4 years as needed

Listen to these absolutely extraordinary testimonials of results achieved starting with the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge!

Drew Brees has been with AdvoCare since 2002 and is shown here discussing what AdvoCare’s products and elite nutrition mean to him and how anyone can benefit.

Drew Brees has been with AdvoCare since 2002 and is shown here discussing what AdvoCare’s products and elite nutrition mean to him and how anyone can benefit. He also gives mention to the incredible income opportunity available to all Americans that would have more for themselves in 2013!

Now you can have a world class workout partnered with the best core nutrition on the market with the Can You 24 workout series! Listen to Platinum Distributor Jenny Donnelly as she discusses how ‘Can You 24′ works in conjunction with the widely popular 24 Day Challenge ONLY from AdvoCare!

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AdvoCare Endorser and No. 3 Driver Austin Dillon shares what the No. 3 and AdvoCare mean to him. Ty and I are beyond EXCITED to attend the 2nd annual AdvoCare 500 this coming Labor Day weekend in Atlanta! It is estimated that it will be viewed by well over 10 Million viewers nationwide! Start your engines!!

FRISCO, Texas (June 27, 2012) – AdvoCare becomes the first jersey sponsor in FC Dallas history as the Texas-based health and wellness company has inked a multi-million dollar, multi-year partnership with the Major League Soccer club. “When we decided to put a company’s name on our team’s jersey, we were determined to find the right company that was a fit with what we believe in at FC Dallas,” said Hunt Sports Group Chairman Clark Hunt. “When I met AdvoCare CEO Richard Wright and his wife Sherry, I knew we had found the ideal partner. We share the same core values [...]

Earlier this year, our CEO, Richard Wright and many AdvoCare veterans took a trip to Washington D.C. This was not a corporate sponsored trip and it speaks volumes that our leaders invested their time and resources to fly to D.C. to spend time with members of the Congress and Senate. They discussed our free enterprise system and the importance of protecting it and the overall impact AdvoCare has had as its positivity continues to ripple throughout our economy. What an amazing group that represented not only us, but all of those who believe in our free enterprise system! AdvoCare is [...]

ConsumerLab recommends Advocare’s OmegaPlex and one other on Dr. Oz show! After investigating popular nutritional supplements on the market and finding shocking results ConsumerLab recommended AdvoCare’s Omegas so that you avoid dangerous nutritional solutions and ensure that you and your family are only putting the highest quality products in your bodies, as well as, actually getting the benefits that you are paying for! Their research showed what we are already well aware of, that not all “fish oils” are created equal! The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are the brain-boosting, heart-healthy good fats that have a multitude of [...]

I once gained 12 pounds on a 7 day cruise! In May, Ty and I will be embarking on another AdvoCare trip, this time we will be flying to Rome and taking a Mediterranean cruise through the Greek Isles on a Windstar. It has me thinking back to the very first cruise that we took together, even before we were engaged and definitely way before AdvoCare. It was supposed to be a big romantic getaway, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. Back in 2002, we went on a Caribbean cruise and I had visions of just sweeping her [...]

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Look, Feel and Perform Better in No Time At All – You Can Stick to Anything for Just 24 Days When I think about the Challenge and the positive impact it’s had on us I still cannot believe it! I lost 19 lbs on the Challenge while Ty lost 14 of her baby weight during the first 24 days. We went on to lose a total of 66 pounds in just under 4 months. To date, we have lost 82 and kept it off for OVER A YEAR with the AdvoCare lifestyle! We are back into [...]