About Us

About Jason & Ty

In spring of 2009, our family faced a feeling that many have had during the recession. Jason’s entire division at his company was dissolved and we lost a significant portion of our household income. As a software sales executive over the last 10 years, Jason spent much of his time on the road with overnight stays about 90% of the time. The travel schedule had always been a burden on our family and his time with our 3 little girls.

Unemployed for a few months, he was back into a routine again of traveling the country within a relatively short period of time, but ever cognizant of the fact that life and circumstances can truly change on a dime. We knew that given the right opportunity that a Plan B income would make complete sense to us. That did not happen for over a year and a half, but when it came it happened at a time when we really needed it.

Jason spent much of his time in hotel rooms at night, seeing the girls on Skype and missing many of their first moments. The first crawls, the first walks, the first tooth popping through. Not only did we have an enormous amount of time debt as a family, but we were both at our all-time heaviest weight approximately 3 weeks after giving birth to our 3rd little girl.

It was in August of 2010 that a childhood friend posted about weight loss with a company called AdvoCare. He stated that he had taken off weight that he had put on in college and kept it off easily for 3 ½ months. We visited with him and upon hearing about the amazing products and business opportunity we decided to get involved. The products yielded significant results in less than a month. Jason lost 19 of his ‘sympathy’ pounds while Ty lost 14 pounds of her baby weight in 24 days. We have come to find that these are very normal results and we have seen many do even better as they kick-start healthy lifestyles and abandon yoyo dieting. We have since gone on to lose a total of 81 pounds and have kept it all off for over a year now by eating healthy and supplementing with solid AdvoCare nutrition!

During our first 17 months, the business opportunity has been absolutely extraordinary for our family! We have earned trips to Paris, Atlantis, and even a cruise through the Mediterranean, all while growing a business well into a multiple six figure income. We are growing on top of that every day. More importantly we have found freedom in our lives with our children at a time when they really need us the most!

Our goals now evolve around helping others obtain the same financial independence and enabling them to find health, hope and freedom in their lives. We pay it forward every single day at a time in our nation’s history when people are seeking answers to their health and financial challenges.
As we lock arms together, we can accomplish extraordinary things!
God bless and live free!

Jason and Ty